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Sets and accessories manufacturing for movie, audio-visual, show and events in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Luxemburg

For your realistic or fantastic movie, theater or escape game projects, Accurate Dream designs wigs, costumes and different types of suits, etc.

Designing techniques of sets and accessories for cinema, TV show…

Accurate Dream realizes sets, accessories and sculptures with various techniques...

Your Pop Maker will realize small furniture in Balsa, creations replica of all styles of pieces, elements and sculptures of any sizes with or without models...

For waterfalls, Accurate Dream realizes supple American fists, bats, weapons for hire ... Ask for what you want; the company realizes all the objects of cinema or theater on request.

They make custom- made sets and accessories, or a copy of objects that you present or generic elements.

Realization of Your Projects in France, Belgium and Luxemburg

The entire team will be on hand with help and advice during the entire project.

You can follow the projects' progress from the beginning to the final product.

If you are interested, do not hesitate to make an appointment to discuss the things you want to bring to life.