Ultra-realistic special effects and cinema decoration sets with Accurate Dream

Accurate Dream is one of the pioneers of the special effects’ field.

Our team of professionals makes scenes come to life using, makeup, costumes, prosthetics, animatronics, accessories and decoration sets.

We managed to expand our activity outside France to reach Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and Great Britain.

Conception of ultra-realistic objects and effects in studio

Our Accurate Dream team takes care of the entire conception of decoration elements. From the backstage set to the show scene, we help you take your creation to the next level. We also interfere to make complementary pieces for your art work : Masks, accessories, prosthetics …

Our team of professionals adapts its technique to make objects for videos or live shows. We study your idea and the concept behind it to make your audience dive into your creations. Our prosthetics’ professionals can make entire corpses or body parts that look amazingly real.

We study thoroughly the different materials to recreate the skin, hair, and human tissue effects. Even if you would like to recreate an accessory from your designs we can replicate it as accurately as possible.

Using different techniques, our Accurate Dream team helps you fabricate decoration elements from the smallest buttons to science fiction gears. Our special effects’ professionals use their skills to make your stunt shows stand out

Accurate Dream conception studio : Design and custom design

Our big studio of 70m² is entirely dedicated to artistic creation. The inspiration is then translated inside a workspace of 12m² using silicone, resin, pigments and tools.

Our Accurate Dream studio is also equipped with a theroforming machine, a 3D printer, a vacum chamber, an airbrush, a carving work station, a makeup set, many versatile work stations and precision tools.

the Accurate Dream creators

Daniel Weimer, a special effects specialized makeup artist since 2011. Participated twice in the Battle of Brushes at IMATS in London and made it to the third place in the characters’ competition.

At that point, he decided to dedicate himself to the passion of special effects.

« I had a feeling that I was able to bring a new and innovative spirit to the field.»

He dreamed of creating a structure to gather multiple talents and experties to modernize the French film industry.

After working on several short films, photoshoots and a partnership with the Fantastic Film Festival, he decided to accomplish his idea with his friend Franck, with whom he had worked on previous projects.

Together, they made their minds to cherish the same values inside Accurate Dream.

Franck Dubois, a successful businessman who’s fascinated by the corporate world.

After obtaining his bachelor from the school of Management in Strasbourg, he wanted to invest his skills into something that would challenge him. He wanted to dedicate his career to a field to which he attaches a particular importance.

Although a businessman, he supports his co-founder, Daniel, as much as possible in the studio.

Together they want to build a business that reunites different professionals from the cinema and the audiovisual fields to create an innovative concept.

«That is why I decided to dedicate myself completely to the Accurate Dream project, a concept that I want to grow into a big company that I am already proud to be part of. »