Costume creation for special effects in France and Europe 

Fantasy costumes by Accurate Dream in the northeast of France, Belgium, Switzerland,

Germany and Luxemburg

For all your realistic or fantastic projects, Accurate Dream provides you with the costumes for the best special effect. Our team create outfits for cinema, theater, escape games or any innovative concept of your own : Wigs, Hairpieces, Clothing, Jumpsuits…

Our Accurate Dream team makes costumes for various styles : Fantastic, Star Wars, Science Fiction, Adventure, Action movies, History…

Costumes made for the pilot project of the series Storik Troopers with Bat'manele and Captain Alsace (© Lucas Cornut)

The costume, helmet and shield of the Captain Alsace character (© Accurate Dream)

A plastazote plastron  for the costume of Bat'manele (© Accurate Dream)

Costume and mask for the stunt show actor for Prométhéus of the series Mirage (© Accurate Dream)

Costume inspired by Guardian of the Gate from the World of Oz for the IMATS contest in London (© Accurate Dream)

Jester‘s character (© Accurate Dream))

Costume of Golem (© Accurate Dream)

Skaven’s character (© Accurate Dream)