Special effects’ creation in France and Europe

Silicone masks, prosthetics, makeup and costumes by Accurate Dream

You need a professional makeup artist? A costume designer or a molding specialist?

Our special effects’ experts of Accurate Dream help you succeed in every audiovisual project in France, Belgium or Luxemburg.

Discover our ongoing projects and references of our Accurate Dream team.

Thanks to our advanced molding and makeup techniques, our team can recreate hyper-realistic skin effects.

A bleeding corpse or a zombie skin, our experts can take your ideas to the next level!

By following every single detail, our special effects’ team produces realistic masks and effects according to your standards.

We help you study the screen aspects, the theme and the shooting techniques for the best hyper-realistic result.

Contact us and let us together realize your make up, costumes, prosthetics or made to measure mask-projects.

Our Accurate Dream team will provide you with help and advice during the entire project.